A Nature’s Swimming Hole creates memories that lasts for generations.

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Nature’s Swimming

Hole Uses The Most

Modern Filters

to keep your water crystal clear and sanitized. The above pond picture is 5 foot deep and if you look closely at the bottom of the swimming pond you can see the beach ball shadow.
PS. Our Nature’s Swimming Hole Is Half The Cost Of A Swimming Pool!!!
Choose your size, shape, depth and style of your swimming hole! Natural stone stairway or sandy beach entry. A self contained(separatepond from swimming hole) fish pond , and/or a waterfall is a beautiful additon to your swimming hole. Nature’s Swimming Holes are all filtered by low maintenance, user friendly and energy efficient filters. You can also have the option of heating the swimming hole.
Swimming holes take us back to childhood memories of exploring creeks and swinging on ropes into the waters of a lake or pond. Summer time and swimming holes are one and the same in many of our minds!
A swimming hole will transform your backyard into a place of adventure and relaxation. Whether you like to take a dip to cool down or lounge away the day on a raft, floating by the fish pond and waterfall. Add a gazebo and/or a SoftTub hot tub to truly create A Piece of Paradise in your back yard!
All our nature swimming holes have a conventional swimming pool filter system to keep the water crystal clear., with no fish or aquatic plants in them. However we have made designs that have a fish pond /watergarden on the side of Nature’s Swimming Hole (pond) to look like all one pond. The plants and fish are separate from the swimming hole. Two separate ponds, two separate types of filtering systems, which makes a really nice design.

Being Around A Nature’s Swimming Hole At Night Makes You Wander.

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